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    Magnum / Toto / Damacai / Singapore / Sabah /Sarawak Payout
    PRIZES B S 4A A ABC 5D 6D 2D 3D
    1st Prize/A 3,400 4,800 8,000 840 280 18,000 120,000 60 840
    2nd Prize/B 1,200 2,400 280 6000 3600 60 840
    3rd Prize/C 600 1,200 280 3600 360 60 840
    4th Prize/D 600 36 6 84
    5th Prize/E 24 5 6 84
    6th Prize/F 6
    Starter Prizes 250 20 280
    Consolation 80 2.60 36
    Perdana Lotto / Lucky / Good4D / NewWin4D Payout
    1st Prize/A 2,625 3,675 6,300 0 0 63 693
    2nd Prize/B 1,050 2,100 6,300 0 0 63 693
    3rd Prize/C 525 1,050 6,300 0 0 63 693
    4th Prize/D 0 0 6.3 69.3
    5th Prize/E 0 0 6.3 69.3
    Special ABC 210 630 21 220.5
    Consolation AE 63 630 2.6 0
    • MAGNUM
    • PMP
    • TOTO
    • SABAH
    • GOOD4D
    • Perdana
    • LuckyHari-Hari

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