Sports Betting Affiliate Singapore, Affiliate Program Singapore

    G3M Online Casino & Sports Betting Affiliate Program
    Why Join Our Affiliate Program

    5% of Affiliate Commission.

    Offer Excellence Betting Products & attractive Bonus for member.

    Provide the Variety of Betting Games: Sports Betting, Online Casino, Slots Poker Games & 4D Lottery.


    G3M affiliate commission will calculate according the monthly net profit of Sports Betting, Live Casino, 4D Lottery & Slots Poker Games. The commission is calculate as below,


    $1000 (Total Deposit From Down line) - $300 (Total Bonus For Down line) - $100 (Total Advertising & Miscellaneous Fee)

    = $600 (Total Net Profit)

    $600 x 5%(Affiliate Commission %) = $30

    Monthly Active Member

    Net Profit


    5 Active Member

    0 – 10,000


    10,001 – 25,000


    25,001 – 50,000


    50,001 – 100,000


    100,001 – 1,000,000


    1,000,001 – 9,999,999,999,999


    The commission will auto calculate by system & up line should maintain at least 5 or above active down line member in current month.

    1.How To Join G3M Affiliate Program?

    You can direct register as our member with free & you will get your own affiliate code. You can get your affiliate code in “my Wallet”page

    2 How to earn the commission?

    You can share your own affiliate link to the social networking to look for new member for registration.

    3. How I get receive commission?

    The commission Claim With Customer Service.

    4. When can receive the commission?

    - The commission will calculate for 1 times for a month.

    - First week of the month to claim the commission.